OSCAR Health Association of Service Providers™

OSCAR McMaster™ is a widely used electronic medical record (EMR) product (EMR). It allows medical professionals including doctors, nurses and support staff, to create and update patient medical records using the familiar web browser interface.

Since OSCAR McMaster is an "Open Source" product, you can get a copy of the program complete with the ability to modify it for your site. While you can download the OSCAR programs for free, it does requires in-depth understanding of the Ubuntu and OSCAR web server environment as well as network and data security issues.

We, the OSCAR Health Association of Service Providers™ (OHASP™), are professionals that are trained to advise, configure, install, and support the equipment and software providing an OSCAR-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. We are private companies and are legally independent of the OSCAR McMaster developers, and user group societies. We work closely with these communities and each other to provide excellence to our doctors and their patients.

Association Members

The following are OHASP members listed alphabetically. Look at their web sites to find out more about each one. Although proximity to their office locations is not critical in this Internet Age, it may be convenient for on-site visits and demonstrations.

Name (Click on name to go to their web site) Office Location(s)
CanEMR Medical Solutions Ottawa, ON
Open Health Software Solutions Inc. Ottawa, ON
OSCARService Inc. Burlington/Toronto area, ON
OSCARwest British Columbia, BC

OSCAR McMaster Information

The following links provide additional information helpful to new or existing OSCAR users. (These web sites are not authored or maintained by OHASP.)

Further Information

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